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JY-50B paper tube making machineJY-120B paper tube making machineJY-200B spiral paper tube winding machine
JY-WX30 small paper tube making machineJY-MC150 multicut paper tube machineJY-HS200 paper tube core making machine
JY-50B paper tube machine with aluminium foil heat sealing deviceJY-HS50 numerical control paper tube core winding machineJY-MC100 High speed multicut paper tube machine
JY-HS120 numerical control paper tube machineMC-530 paper drinking straw making machine
JY-DZ1600 paper slitter rewinder machineJY-SZ1600 paper slitter rewinder machineJY-SK1600 roll slitting rewinding machine
JY-SZ800 slitter rewinider machineJY-SA1600 paper roll slitter rewinder machine
Q1-1500 paper tube cutting machineQ2-600 Paper-tube Cutting MachineQ3-1500 paper tube cutting machine
Q3-2500 Paper tube cutting machineQ5-1500 Paper Tube cutting machine
JY-CS400 Paper tube curling and sealing machineJY-CA500 cake-box edge curling machineJY-CL6 Automatic paper tube curling machine
Semi-auto paper tube curling (sealing) machineJY-HS380 paper tube curling machine
JY-L2000 paper tube grinderJY-S380 paper tube grinder
JY-150 paper tube printing machineJY-TE150 paper tube pressure measure machinePaper Tube Punching Machine
Paper-tube Waxing MachineJY-210 paper tube printing machine
spiral type lint roller machine (60layers,10sets)cleaning roller machine (90 layers,15 sets)
The 104nd Canton FairThe 14th of SNIEC
The 4th of Canton FairThe 102nd of Canton Fair
The 108th China Import...